Migration and movie theaters in the suburbs of Paris (1945-1973)


In the last few decades, a large number of books and articles appeared about the history of movie theaters in Paris (e.g. Lacloche, 1980; Meusy, 1995; Frodon and Iordanova, 2016). Despite this extensive bibliography, the cinematographic exhibition spaces located in the suburbs of the French capital were almost never mentioned by their authors. In seeking to fill this gap, this research aims at reconstructing the history of cinemas and other exhibition spaces located in the suburbs of Paris, as well as it wants to examine the cinema-going practices of its audiences (especially the portion made up by North African immigrants). Thereby we concentrate this research on the period known as les trente glorieuses (from 1945 to 1973), a time of significant economic growth in France when the movie theaters proliferated in these regions. This research project, which is developed through an important partnership between the Fluminense Federal University / Brazil and Ghent University / Belgium, is located at the crossroads of New Cinema History, migration and diaspora studies.


The research project is funded by Capes Foundation of the Ministry of Education of Brazil.