Cultura de la Pantalla en Nuevo Laredo (1940-1972)


This project focuses upon the history of film exhibition, programming and cinema going experiences in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, a city located on the Mexican border with Texas, founded in 1755 and considered the most important land port for imports and exports between Mexico and the United States. It’s the sister city of Laredo, Texas, USA, also part of the Cultura de la Pantalla network. Methodologically it is a replica of the Enlightened City project (Flanders, Belgium), applying a triangulation of methods around a cartography of cinemas in Nuevo Laredo (cf. database on venues, people and exhibition companies); an analysis of film programming (1940 to 1972, sample year per decade); and oral history on audience’s remembrance of film consumption habits in Nuevo Laredo (1940-1972).


The project has not received any external funding. Principal researcher is Jose Carlos Lozano.



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