Cultura de la Pantalla en Cali (1942-1982)


This project approaches the history of places of film exhibition, film programming and cinema going experiences in Cali, the third largest city in Colombia known for its strong culture of cinephilia. It builds on elements of the network Cultura de la Pantalla (Replica of Enlightened City project in Flanders, Belgium), to propose a cartography of disappeared cinemas in Cali; a gathering and systematisation of data available in press reviews, personal manuscripts and images; and the recording of oral histories. The main objectives of the project are to analyse the culture of cinema going and cinephilia in Cali and to reconstruct key moments in the history of film exhibition and audiences in the context of the modernization of the city.


The project has not received any external funding. Prof. Ramiro Arbeláez (Universidad del Valle, member of the Research group Caligari and current director of the Documentation Centre at Lugar a Dudas in Cali) and Dr. Maria Luna (Adjunct Lecturer and member of the Research group Narrativas de la Resistencia, TecnoCampus, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona) participate as voluntary members of the network.


Team – Cultura de la Pantalla, Cali
Coordinators – Cultura de la Pantalla Network
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