CINECOS / Cinema Belgica


Cinema Ecosysteem (CINECOS) is an interuniversity infrastructure project, supported by the national research fund of Flanders, Belgium (FWO-Vlaanderen, Hercules Fund), aiming at building a digital open source platform on the history of cinema cultures in Belgium. The ambition of CINECOS springs from the field of New Cinema History, which studies cinema cultures as a social phenomenon. CINECOS results into an online platform, Cinema Belgica, which had a first soft launch in October 2020 during the International Film Festival Gent, Belgium, and will be officially released in 2021. Cinema Belgica will allow users to explore this history through six main entry points: films, cinemas, people, programmes, companies, and censorship. The data itself derive from fourteen existing datasets covering key aspects of film production, distribution, exhibition, programming, censorship, and reception. In 2018, an interuniversity infrastructure project was set up between the University of Ghent, Antwerp University, and the University of Amsterdam to integrate these different datasets into a single database.


Project title: Cinema Ecosysteem (CINECOS): An open access data platform for cinema history in Flanders and Belgium, project funded by the Hercules fund of the FWO/Flemish Scientific Research Fund (2018-24).